21-Days. No Sugar. No Alcohol. And a Whole Lot of Swings and Getups


If you're like most people, The Holiday season has you ready to hit the restart button on your health and fitness...


Enter our 21-Day Kettlebell Cleanse!

  • 21-Days

  • No Sugar

  • No Alcohol

  • Swings and Getups

  • Unlimited Classes


In our last Cleanse, participants racked up a total of 22,386 Swings and 1,027 Getups over 21-days! 


"Wow. I never want to eat sugar again! The Cleanse was the best thing I have ever done...It's tough, but it was definitely worth the effort. I felt so great without sugar. Also an easy way to lose a few unwanted lbs!" - Cheryl


Our 21-Day Cleanse Starts January 7th


"One of the best parts of the 21-day Cleanse was the improvement I saw in the quality of my sleep! Checking the labels is important. It was very eye-opening to see just how many products contain sugar...mayo, chicken broth, mints!" - Beth

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Offer ends 12/31

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