Discovering Your Superpowers And How You Can Leverage Them To Achieve Your Goals

Last week we kicked things off by going over the 5 Skills You Can Develop That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals.

Here were the 5 topics:

  1. How to discover your identity, values, and goals

  2. The importance of having some “weight” behind your goals

  3. How you can Shape The Path to behavior change and success

  4. Identifying your circle of control, and

  5. The power of a Sunday Ritual

Separately, each will have a significant impact on your approach to achieving any goal.

When applied collectively, you might feel like tasks become easier to achieve.

You’ll have a clearer picture of what needs to be done to accomplish your goal; when to do it, how to do it, and you’ll welcome any obstacle life throws your way with open arms knowing you’ve developed the skills necessary to persevere and succeed.

Developing these 5 skills is simple, but far from easy.

Today we’re diving into the first and most important aspect of achieving your goals; who you are and what you stand for.

Step #1: Know Thyself

When’s the last time you asked yourself, who am I?

Without knowing who you are and what you believe in (more on that in a minute) it’s hard to truly resonate with what you want to accomplish.

So, who are you?

  • Well I’m a (insert occupation)

  • I went to (insert school)

  • I grew up in (insert childhood home)

  • I live in (insert city)

  • I’m a father/mother

  • I’m such and such age

  • Etc., etc.

If you were asking yourself to describe your current life situation or life story those would be appropriate answers.

But what if you got a new job? What if you move? Or what happens every year when you get a year older?

A fun way to think of - and uncover - your identity is to view it more along the lines of your “Superpower”.

What makes you, “you”?

Are you a little OCD around the house?

Awesome! All that organization will come in handy when keeping yourself on track with your goals.

Do you find yourself daydreaming while at work?

Great! That creative mind can likely find ways to make routine/mundane tasks centered around your goal more fun and enjoyable.

Can you walk into a room full of people you don’t know and make 5 new friends in 5 minutes?

Fantastic! You can leverage those communication skills in bringing some family/friends along with you in the pursuit of your goal.

Try to look past the fact that daydreaming, being a little OCD, and having a super chatty personality might be viewed as a “negative” from other people’s points of view.

Instead flip the script and learn how each of those traits is actually a superpower that can be leveraged to help you achieve your goals.

Don’t exactly know what your superpowers are?

There’s an awesome book called, StrengthsFinder you can check out and a test you can take to dive a little deeper into “thyself.”

Once you have a better picture of who you are, you can begin to weigh that against what you believe in.

Step#2: What Do You Value

For most people diving into your identity is a fun exercise and one that might be incredibly eye opening.

The awareness that you’ve just brought to the surface can’t be undone, which means change is around the bend!

When you have a better picture as to “who you are” you can pair that well with “what you believe in.”

You’ll likely find this step a lot easier that the last one and in fact might already have a clearer picture of what you believe in.

If you’re not exactly sure try asking yourself some of the questions below:

  • What am I passionate about?

  • What’s important to me?

  • What motivates me?

  • How would I like to see the world?

  • What contribution would I like to make to the world?

Your values will directly link to your emotions…

Which are SUPER powerful and can be the “make or break” factor that stands between you and your goal.

The book, Switch by Chip and Dan Heath convey that clearly with their “Emotional Elephant and Rational Rider” analogy.

In short, we all have a rider - the “thinky” part of our brain.

That rider sits atop an “emotional elephant” - the emotional side of our brain.

No matter how much the rider tries to guide the elephant in the direction he/she wants to go, when it’s had enough the elephant will go wherever it wants to go.

More on this in a couple weeks in our “Shape The Path” lesson…

For now understanding that connection between what you value and their effects on your emotions is what’s important.

Once you’ve discovered more about your values and what you believe in, write them down next to some of your hidden superpowers you discovered earlier.

Make sure you check back next week when we go over how you can leverage your identity and values and create goals that carry some weight.

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