How To Create And Use A Sunday Ritual To Maximize Your Potential

Last week we looked at identifying and focusing on factors you can control in an effort to let go of some of your old ways of thinking.

In that post we talked about the Spheres of Control exercise, which helps you identify factors you have no control over, some control over, and total control over.

By the end you realized that you ultimately only have control over a few things:

  • Your thoughts

  • Your actions

  • And how you choose to respond to situations

If you missed that post make you can check it out here.

Today we’re wrapping up our 5-part series with the power of a Sunday Ritual.

Rituals are habitual. Depending on the ritual, you might do it every year, every month, every week, or every day.

The power of a ritual is that it’s habitual.

Regardless of what it is, when it is, and why you do it, it’s easy for you to always do it because you don’t have to think about doing it....

It’s like a rock in your schedule; you can’t move it so you simply schedule around it.

By the end of today’s post you’ll have a clear plan of attack that helps you anticipate, plan, and strategize your week in advance, helping you become the absolutely strongest version of yourself.

Step 1# Pick A Day

Sunday’s tends to work best for most people, only because it’s the end of the week.

If you happen to work on the weekend or have a schedule where you have the middle of the week off, then it might be better to pick a different day.

What matters is that you choose a day that you’re relatively free, or at least have some free time more often than not on that day of the week, every week.

You’ll also want to make sure it’s at the end of your week - wherever that might fall - so that your new “Sunday Ritual” can provide you with enough feedback from the week to use in your session.

Step #2 Pick A Time

The more precise you are with your ritual the easier it’s going to be to stay consistent with it, and consistency is the key.

You’ll want to choose a time when you know more often that not you won’t have conflicts.

For example choosing 2 o’clock in the afternoon probably isn’t the best time because of how many factors that can play into you being consistently free every week at that time.

If you can, try to schedule your Sunday ritual first thing in the morning.  

If for whatever reason that’s not possible for you, choose a time that you know you can schedule other tasks around if need be.

If you already have a routine, why not simply add to it rather than starting something completely new?

Chances are you have more than one thing you do every week in the form of a routine. Find what they are and where they are in your schedule and see if you can’t sneak your new Sunday Ritual into an already established routine.

Step #3 Give Yourself Feedback And Evaluation

Once you’ve established the day and time of the week you’re going to perform your Sunday Ritual, now it’s time to get to work.

The first step is to take a look back on your week that was and ask yourself...

What did I do well?

Don’t beat yourself up with coulda, shoulda, woulda’s.

Instead pick ONE thing you would have liked to have done better that week and shift your focus more on the positives no matter how big or small they were.

It also might help to have categories to check in on. For example you might have:

  • Work

  • Nutrition

  • Exercise

  • Family & Friends

  • School

  • Hobbies

  • Etc.

Having a categories of the things you do every week will help increase the effectiveness of your Sunday Ritual when trying to look back at the things you’ve accomplished throughout the week.

Feel free to go as detailed or short as you want.

Some people turn this into a weekly journal, while others prefer to keep it short and sweet with simple bullet points…

What matters again is that you choose a format that works for YOU.

Step #4 Project Ahead

Once you’ve reflected on your previous week, it’s time to start looking to the week ahead. In this step we’re looking to set the tone for the following week by anticipating, planning, and strategizing.


Think of all the competing demands that might get in the way of you, your goal, and your current routine in the upcoming week.


Taking those competing demands into consideration, how might you rearrange your schedule so that you stay on track?


You’ve identified obstacles and competing demands that might present themselves to you in the upcoming week, now all that’s left is to strategize around them.

Here are two helpful tips you can use when strategizing during your Sunday Ritual;

Less is more. Trust your gut.

Step #5 Prioritize

This is where it all comes together…

  • You’ve discovered more about who you are and what’s important to you in Part 1.

  • You’ve created a goal that carries some weight and meaning to you personally in Part 2.

  • You’ve shaped the path to make it easier for you to make the decisions you want to make centered around your goal in Part 3.

  • And you’ve identified factors you can and can’t control with regards to your day-to-day thoughts and actions as well as situations you find yourself in, in Part 4.

All that’s left is for you to prioritize the tasks in your upcoming week based off those factors and your competing demands.

Ask yourself; What do I need to do to be successful this week? Then, execute!

Take it one step further and ask yourself, “What do I need to do to be successful today?”

Then pat yourself on the back for taking one small step in completing your Sunday Ritual for the week.

As you’re now well aware, you can’t decide all of a sudden you’re going to put ALL of 5 parts of this series into play “today”. Instead you need…

  • Time to develop them

  • Time to practice them, and

  • Patience and persistence to stay consistent with them

However what matters most is that you simply start the process.

Remember in our last post we briefly mentioned the “better” and “worse” spectrum and compared it to the commonly used “good” and “bad” spectrum.

Shape the environment around you so that it’s easier for you to make “better” decisions... even if those decisions are just 1% better;

Better is still better…

  • What if you dedicated yourself to developing these skills over the entire year?

  • What if you completely changed the way you’re used to viewing goals and achieving them?

  • How might that impact the bigger goals you have in life?

  • How might you start to use the information you’ve been reading the past 5 weeks?

Thanks for following along for the past 5 weeks!

Make sure you check back next week when we kickoff our 10-Part Series on Optimizing The Kettlebell Swing!

In that series we’ll break down the kettlebell swing; how you can learn it, Master it, Train it, and program for it to an incredibly high degree.

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