Optimizing The Kettlebell Swing Part 1: Why You Should Learn, Train, And Master The Swing

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Part 1 of our 10-Part series dedicated to helping you learn, train, and master the Kettlebell Swing.

In case you missed it last week, we laid out the whole 10-part series so you know what to expect from week-to-week.

But before we get into the nuts and bolts of learning, training, and mastering the Kettlebell Swing, we wanted to share with you why you should want to train it in the first place.

For many people kettlebells are a new, intimidating tool to use and often times are a tool that’s used improperly.

We want to flip that script!

By the end of today’s post you’ll know more about the Kettlebell Swing and what you can expect from learning, training, and mastering it.

Why The Kettlebell Swing?

Walk into a normal gym setting and you’ll see rows of machines, a rack full of dumbbells and rows of cardio equiptment ranging from treadmills to stair climbers.

The layout very much says, “Cardio happens here. Strength happens here.”

With the Kettlebell Swing everything happens all at once, at the same time, in a space the size of a yoga mat.

It’s essentially a gym with a handle on it.

The Kettlebell Swing not only trains your cardiovascular system to heights you’ve never seen, but helps you develop life-changing strength you’ve never felt as well.

With just one bell you’ll develop strength in important postural stabilizers such as the upper back, shoulders, core, and glutes.

In addition to improving your posture, consistently training the Kettlebell Swing will give you power in the legs and hips; developing the athleticism sought after with exercises such as sprinting and jumping without the ground and pound that come with both exercises.

That combination of strength and power make the Kettlebell Swing one of the best bang-for-your-buck strength and conditioning tools you can train with.

Strength Coach Dan John coined the Kettlebell Swing the “fat-burning, athlete-builder.”

After years of training the Kettlebell Swing, we can’t argue that statement and neither do our members...

Learning The Kettlebell Swing - What Can You Expect?

Unlike a spin bike or traditional piece of gym equipment, you can’t just “hop on” and start training.

There is without a doubt a learning curve to the kettlebell and specifically the Kettlebell Swing.

As far as how long it takes you to learn the swing, well that all depends on...

  • Your health history and background

  • Whether or not you have any current or previous injuries

  • How familiar you are with your body - we find yogis and people with Pilates backgrounds pick the swing up very quickly

  • The time you have available to train each week

  • And your desire to learn and master a new skill

Despite the fact that the Kettlebell Swing delivers on every aspect you could possibly look for to improve your health and fitness, if you approach the learning process with a lazy faire attitude you’re not going to reach the point of true mastery - which is where all the benefits of the swing will be found.

Despite what your doctor, friends, family members, etc. may say about their experience with the Kettlebell Swing, learning the swing is simple and very safe.

Like any skill worth mastering you’ll want to seek out proper instruction first. If afterwards you find yourself getting injured, you might want to find different instructor.

Kettlebell Swings don’t hurt people, people who don’t properly learn how to train the Kettlebell Swing get hurt.

When learned properly, you can expect to get that “worked feeling” during the learning process even if you’re not actually swinging yet...

The breakdowns we’ll provide you in this series will show you what those exercises are and how to safely train them.

Training & Mastering The Kettlebell Swing - What Can You Expect?

Once you’ve learned how to safely swing a kettlebell and have a desire for more, you’ve started the process of mastery!

Here are a few benefits you can look for when you begin to train and master the Kettlebell Swing…

  • You’ll Develop Life-Changing Strength without having to “lift heavy”

  • You’ll develop muscle endurance and aerobic capacity with training sessions that are as short as 15-20 minutes

  • You’ll develop strength and conditioning that spills over into every aspect of your life outside the gym

  • You’ll sleep better

  • You’ll burn fat

  • You’ll develop lean muscle

  • You’ll feel better about yourself

  • And you’re very likely to experience the “What The Hell Effect” - more on that later in the series…

Without over exaggerating it; you’ll change your life in every aspect imaginable. True story.


It’ll take patience, persistence, and most importantly of all, consistency.

Running, cycling, obstacle course racing, barbell training, cross-training, hiking, kayaking, gardening; virtually any sport or activity you enjoy outside the gym will see an uptick in strength, endurance, and your ability to learn new skills all from training and mastering one exercise - the Hardstyle Kettlebell Swing.

But What If I’ve Never Strength Trained Before?

Fortunately for you, you’re the exact person we had in mind when creating our 10-part Optimizing The Kettlebell Swing series.

Simply follow along every week and we’ll guide you through the process of learning the Hardstyle Kettlebell Swing step-by-step. From learning, to training, to pure mastery; we’ve got you covered.

If you live in the Saratoga area and want to take your Swing to the next level, we’d recommend calling us or stopping by our studio.

What to look for next week

Make sure you check back next week when we kickoff the instructional component of the series with Part 2; Finding Your Hinge.

Everyone’s hinge is a little different.

Before you pick up a kettlebell you’ll want to know what a hinge is, how your body prefers to hinge, and the variety of safe ways there are to learn and train the hip hinge without using a kettlebell.

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