Brand Overview

The brand is an important asset in driving future growth, increasing in value, & creating consistent communication. Brand identity establishes a defined, unified and identifiable presence across all marketing applications.

The Brand PDF is available as a reference for all the technical details that are involved in brining this brand to life.


These are the five colors that define the brand. For quick online design applications the interactive color tool can be used to obtain color codes. If you are a designer or print vendor, download the PDF on the overview page for detailed color codes.



The fonts selected for this brand were found on Google Fonts. They provide beautiful, fast, and open typography for web use. If the fonts will be used for print applications, they can be downloaded for desktop design software.

H1 - Raleway Light

H2 - Hammersmith One

H3 - Fjalla One (All Caps)

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Body - Raleway