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Strength Mastery Challenge

  • Evolution Strength & Performance 9 Hampstead Place, Suite 102 Saratoga Springs USA (map)

Test Your Skill

Test Your Strength

Test Your Endurance

Most people are aware that having a strong, abled-body is important, but few people actually know how to safely and effectively train for one - let alone have a ton of fun in the process!

Enter our Strength Mastery System and our Strength Mastery Challenge.

Developed with the novice in mind, our Strength Mastery System takes someone with zero kettlebell experience and safely progresses them through varying degrees and difficulties of kettlebell mastery.

Becoming the strongest version of yourself has never been so simple.

With 4 divisions in our Strength Mastery System there’s a division for everyone.

  • Grasshopper

  • Agent

  • Hero

  • Guru

Whether you’re just learning the 2-Handed Swing and the Getup, or if you’re a seasoned vet looking to push your strength to its limits with Double Bell Complexes and Snatches, our Strength Mastery System will help you become the absolute strongest version of yourself and guide you every step of the way.

Once you’ve trained with our Strength Mastery System, you’re ready to tackle the feats of strength in our Strength Mastery Challenge (SMC).

Like our Strength Mastery System, our SMC has a level for everyone.

  • Level 1 weights are the lightest are were chosen to help you develop and master the skills in each of our Strength Mastery Divisions.

  • Level 2 weights were chosen as a reflection of what we've seen our members accomplish after being part of our community upwards of 3-6 months.

  • Level 3 & Level 4 weights begin to separate themselves from the pack and require serious dedication and training to achieve.

If you’re looking for an event that’s simple, fun, and delivers serious results, than the Strength Mastery Challenge is for you.


How do I know what level to choose?

Everyone enters our Strength Mastery System as a Grasshopper and focuses on learning and training the 2-Hand Swing and the Getup. Only by mastering the 2-Handed Swing can you go on to master the 1-Hand Swing, Clean, Snatch, etc.

What size bells do I have to use?

You can find our bell sizes for each level of the SMC by following this link. When it comes to testing your strength with one of our SMC challenges, you’ll find that different levels of strength will require more or less time from you to prepare for.

How do you test for a level?

Our next SMC is Feb 9th at 9am at our studio in Saratoga Springs, NY.  You can sign up for the next SMC here. Participants will be led through a group warm-up prior to starting their individual Mastery Division Challenge. Grasshoppers, Agents, Hero’s, and Guru’s will all test with their individual Mastery Division.

Can I bring friends/family?

Spectators are welcome! Just let us know who you pan on bringing with you prior to the SMC.

Do I have to be a member of Evolution to do the SMC?

Yes. The SMC is a fun, strength-filled event, but we always place safety at the forefront. For that reason if you’re considering participating in the SMC we recommend you come in for training 2-3 months prior to the event in order to fine tune your skills and ensure you know how to safely perform the kettlebell skill you’re attempting to challenge.

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