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Strapped for time? Want the high intensity, caloric burn of a High Intensity Interval Training class without the ground and pound of running and jumping?

Enter, Make Me Sweat.

A 30-minute total body strength & conditioning class.

Backed by science and built on a foundation of StrongFirst Kettlebell Instruction, Make Me Sweat delivers on every level you want and need from a conditioning class and then some.

Partnering the Hardstyle Kettlebell Swing with various core, upper body, and lower body strength training exercises Make Me Sweat helps you

  • Increase your cardiovascular performance

  • Build strength and cardio simultaneously

  • Increase your athleticism

  • Burn fat

  • And develop lean muscle

Prior experience with the Hardstyle Kettlebell Swing is preferred though not necessary.

New to kettlebell training? Click the button below to schedule your Free Strategy Session and we’ll help you master the Swing and Getup!

All of our Make Me Sweat Classes run 30-minutes

Class Schedule:

Tuesday/Thursday @ 4:30pm

Wednesday @ 7:30am

Saturday @ 7am