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Save $135 on a 3-Month Membership!

Our members are constantly smashing their fitness goals and you can too by taking advantage of this special, one-time offer!


Your Special 3-Month Membership Includes:

  • New training programs to follow every 4 weeks

  • Program design for Home workouts

  • Unlimited private coaching calls dedicated to your personal goals

  • 4 Different Class Styles to Choose from

    • **Make Me Strong, Make Me Sweat, Make Me Mobile, and Make Me Extraordinary!**

  • 31 available classes to attend each week

    • **with 21 more opening April 1st, including 7pm classes!**

  • A small-group training environment with a maximum of 9 people per class

  • Discounts to challenges and events Within the community

  • Weekly Emails centered around strength, nutrition, and mindfulness tips

  • Bottled water and towel service

  • Family discounts and referral bonuses

  • And free T-shirts 😍

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We’re rolling out 3 new classes and 21 new class hours!

And you get to benefit from it!

This offer ends March 30th and is limited to just 10 people!


Here’s What Our Current Members Are Saying About Us…

It’s like the best gym class ever and you never get picked last!
— Debbie
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These trainers not only help you hit your fitness goals, they help you hit your life goals.
— Ryan
The workouts are incredible, the atmosphere is fun, no one is ever excluded, and everyone makes you feel like family!
— Olivia
A unique, inclusive, community oriented gym with fabulous coaches. Far beyond my expectations!
— Woody

Fitness can be boring…

That’s why we created a Strength program that’s simple, fun, and incredibly effective!

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Step 1: Click below to schedule your Free 1-hour Strategy Session

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Remember, This Offer Ends March 30th!

…And We’re Only Selling 10 Of These Memberships! 😳

We specialize In Helping Ordinary People Who Want To Feel Extraordinary Live Stronger, Healthier, Happier Lives.