You’ve become the Eagle when you’ve unlocked all Level 1 Mastery Skills.

You can literally soar through the skies and go wherever you want in your strength journey and within our Strength Mastery System.

If you follow the instruction of the Evolution Strength Mastery System and stay consistent with your training, we guarantee you will become the Eagle.

You’ve always had wings, now you will have the confidence to fly.

The hardest part of any goal is simply getting started.

By unlocking Level 1 Strength you will not only prove to yourself that you’re capable of developing life-changing strength, but you’ll also see and feel the “real-world carry over” of your new strength into your day-to-day activities.

Members who’ve unlocked Level 1 strength have shared that they, “sleep more soundly throughout the night”, that they “have more energy throughout the day”, and that they can “feel their core getting stronger like never before.”

If you consistently come to class each and every week, each and every month, unlocking level 1 strength in ALL skill levels is absolutely achievable.



Men 24k | 16k

Women 20k | 6k


Men 24k

Women 16k | 8k


Men 16k

Women 8k


Men 16k

Women 8k