You’ve become the Dragon when you’ve unlocked all Level 3 Mastery Skills. Becoming the Dragon shows that not only have you developed incredible physical strength, but that you’ve developed incredible mental strength as well.

There’s a certain amount of “wisdom” that follows the Dragon. You’re well aware that simply showing up for class will no longer cut it.

More is required of you in the form of developing healthy habits outside the gym as well as having the awareness to respond to situations rather than react.
It takes an incredible fire in your belly to become a Dragon.

The idea of Becoming the strongest version of yourself will be replaced by feeling like a legit superhero

Up to this point you’ve already proven that you’re capable of achieving levels of strength you previously thought were impossible.

Level 3 strength will challenge you in more ways than before.

The training won’t be easy, but by now you’re ready to embrace the struggle with open arms. Unlocking Level 3 strength will turn heads and inspire a helluva lot of people around you to challenge themselves.

Ladies, you’re officially Sinister when you unlock Level 3 Agent strength and will be recognized by StrongFirst for doing so.

Outside the gym ordinary things such as yard work, playing with your kids/grandkids, and outdoor hobbies such as skiing, hiking, running, etc. will all seem effortless in ways you’ve never felt before.

Unlocking Level 3 strength positions you as a leader in the community and will undoubtedly change your life in more ways than one.

You also might have purchased a kettlebell or two for your house. Be careful as they tend to multiple when paired together.



Men 48k | 32k

Women 32k | 24k


Men 40k

Women 32k | 24k


Men 24k

Women 16k


Men 24k

Women 16k