Level 4 - GOAT

You’ve become the GOAT when you’ve unlocked all Level 4 Mastery Skills.

You are literally the GREATEST OF ALL TIME.

Becoming the GOAT means you have likely suffered setbacks, dealt with adversity, and yet persevered to become the absolute strongest version of yourself.

There’s no other way to put it; you simply are the best of the best.

You’re a baaaaaahhd-ass.

You are ready to see what you’re capable of both mentally & physically

By now you’ve developed skills that can not only help you unlock this level of strength, but also help others unlock their own levels of strength. You probably aren’t aware of it, but you’re most definitely viewed as a leader in the community.

Unlocking Level 4 strength brings with it an immense feeling of accomplishment, gratitude, and overall happiness.

Fellas now it’s your turn; you’ve officially reached “Sinister Status” in Pavel’s book “Simple and Sinister” when unlocking Level 4 Agent Strength and will join a short list of men to accomplish this goal.

Your accomplishment will officially be recognized by the StrongFirst community. Ladies, you’ve now gone beyond Sinister. Incredible!

Members who unlock Level 4 strength will literally feel like they can do anything. The strength developed here will not only leave you feeling like a real-life superhero, but also inspire you to help others achieve their goals and become the strongest version of themselves.

Perhaps the biggest gain in unlocking Level 4 strength is the mental toughness you’ll develop that will undoubtedly carry over into every single aspect of your life.



Men 80k | 48k

Women 48k | 32k


Men 48k

Women 32k


Men 32k

Women 20k


Men 32k

Women 20k