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Build Speed. Build Strength. Increase Your Mobility.

Our team of coaches has a fully-comprehensive summer training plan for your child dedicated to improving their speed, strength, agility, and mobility.

Having worked with professional athletes in the NFL, MLB, NHL, Pro MMA fighters, Pro Lacrosse players, and international basketball players in both New York and Los Angeles - while using training principles backed by science with StrongFirst and Kinstretch - our team knows what it takes to not only increase your child’s performance, but make sure they build the strength and develop the mobility they need to fight injuries and stay in the game.

This 5 day a week, 6-week program starts Monday July 8th and runs through Friday August 16th and is open to kids ages 12 and up.

Parents can register their child for one of two training times:

10am or 12pm



$375 for the full 6-weeks

***Registration Deadline is July 1st***

**Please inquire via email on availability if interested after this date**

Contact us 518-350-7037 for more info.

Space limited to 10 Kids per time slot.

Each training session will run a full 60-minutes.

Training Schedule:

MWF: Speed & Agility + Strength Development

Tuesday/Thursday: Mobility + Conditioning